Sunday, October 2, 2011

Move Review: 'Courageous' from Sherwood Pictures

"Join the officers protecting the town of Albany, GA as they work to keep the streets safe. It's a tough job, but they do it willingly. Now if they can just preserve their own families as well..."

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Monday, July 11, 2011

"The Widow's Walk League" by Nancy Lynn Jarvis

"REALTOR® Regan McHenry is at it again, much to the chagrin of Tom, her husband and business partner, and the delight of mystery readers everywhere!

For her latest adventure into murderers and mayhem, author Nancy Lynn Jarvis sends Regan into the clutches of a group of women known as The Widow’s Walk League. The women walk together; their routes vary, but the walk ends when someone spots a house with a widow’s walk. At that point, the group adjourns for lunch. This innocent sounding activity seems to be a link for serial murder, as the women lose their husbands one after another."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'LIve Loved' by Max Lucado

"Love comes in a myriad of incarnations. We can love parents, siblings, children, extended family, friends, spouses, teammates or those with a similar interest. Author Max Lucado looks at the various forms of love in a series of short essays entitled “Live Loved.”

Each essay includes scripture references and prayer thoughts. Lucado lends his “over the back fence chat” style to a series of snapshots on love. His powerful images touch readers with the commonality of the situation. "

Friday, April 22, 2011

Book Review - 'Did the Resurrection Happen...Really?' by Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett

"Christian apologist Josh McDowell displays a deep commitment to bringing the message of Jesus Christ and salvation to young people. In 'Did the Resurrection Happen…Really?' he approaches the mission from a fictional standpoint. 

On a modern college campus, a debate between an instructor, representing the historical Christ, an atheist and an agnostic leads to tension and questioning among the student body. The school hosts an atheist club along with faith-based groups and seems an unlikely place for violence. Yet a shooting occurs and the survivors search for answers."

Monday, April 11, 2011

'Daughter of the Caribbean' by Norma Jennings

"Olivia invites you to visit Jamaica and her childhood home, Twickenham, in Norma Jennings’s debut novel, 'Daughter of the Caribbean.'

A young girl of mixed race parentage, Olivia spends much of her childhood in Jamaica in the company of her grandmother, Edith. Miss Edith, known to locals as Sedith, has known good times and difficult ones. As custodian of the family history, she passes the information down to her grandchildren. Little Olivia takes in the information even as it helps to shape her."

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Placerville Hardware, Inc. -- Home Improvement in Old Hangtown Comes with History

"When I received an assignment to write an article about a local home improvement store, I didn't have to wonder which store to use. I fell in love with Placerville Hardware the very first time I stepped through its doors. Join me for a visit and see if you feel the same way."

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

'The Pirate Queen' by Patricia Hickman

"How does one go from a suburban matriarch to a pirate queen? Saphora Warren makes the transition in Patricia Hickman’s contemporary novel 'The Pirate Queen.'

Saphora has what might be considered 'it all' by some. Her husband Bender has a thriving plastic surgery practice. Her three children are grown and on their own. She lives in a magazine showplace of a house in an upscale lakefront community. Yet she plans to leave because there is one aspect of her life she can no longer tolerate: her husband is a philanderer and many of his women are in her own social circle."