Sunday, June 21, 2015

Second chances and romance found on the bayou in Tina DeSalvo's 'Jewell'

     Dr. Jewell Duet came to the Bayou Country town of Cane, Louisiana for two reasons. Her business reason involves valuing and selling some antiques for local residents Elli and Ben Bienvenu at their home, Sugar Mill Plantation. Her expertise in the field powers her struggling business, All Things Antique. She must battle suspicion, both as an outsider and as someone under a legal cloud as she awaits trial on criminal charges back in New Orleans.

     The second reason stems from claims made by her grandmother, Mignon Duet. The elderly woman speaks of someone she calls Twinnie and identifies the Bienvenus’ home as her own. Jewell knows her grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's. Does Twinnie exist or is she a delusion of Mignon’s disease? Jewell fights to discover the truth before her beloved Mimi slips away from her forever.

Cover art courtesy Tina DeSalvo

     In Jewell, a Second Chance Novel, author Tina DeSalvo explores the ties of devotion between family members, the difficulties of dealing with a dementia patient and the power of love. 

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