Monday, October 1, 2012

Newly published author begins series with ebook and its challenges

Marlene Urso’s first published novel hit the bookseller sites as an eBook. Under her nom de plume of Paisley Kirkpatrick, she released “Night Angel,” set in a fictional town patterned on her home of Placerville, California. The Desert Breeze publication is an eBook only release and as such, presents its own challenges.

So how does a new author market a book that she can’t display in stacks on tables? Urso uses a number of strategies. First, she networks like crazy. She is a member of several writing groups, including the Sacramento Valley Rose chapter of Romance Writers of America, From the Heart, Celtic Hearts and Hearts Through History. She has received mention on many of the blogs and websites of her fellow members. Some of those appearances include Cynthia Woolf’s blog, Fierce Romance blog, Sweet ‘N Sexy blog and Reviews and Opinions.

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor's 'Path of Freedom' provides history, adventure

Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor shares an intriguing story of faith, friendship, courage and love in “Path of Freedom,” part of the Quilts of Love series from Abingdon Press. Her novel takes us inside the world of Quakers and the Underground Railroad from the viewpoint of a Flora Saferight, a young Quaker woman called into service on a dangerous mission because of her training as a midwife.

Flora and her young sister Irene will accompany Bruce Millikan as they spirit an escaped slave couple to safety in the north. There’s a complication: Flora and Bruce have been at odds since their school days. Can they declare a truce long enough to complete their assignment? Guided by a quilt provided by Flora’s mother, the threesome begins their dangerous journey. They collect the escapees in a specially built wagon and head north.

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