Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ben Bryant concludes his memoir series with Waiting for Elizabeth

As Ben Bryant wraps up his memoir trilogy, I have mixed emotions. I have come to think of Ben and Elizabeth as family friends, separated from me by miles, but still dear to me. His trilogy has taken us behind the scenes of the entertainment industry with humor and candor. This final volume shares his love story.

The book is more than a romance. Bryant tells of his life, warts and all, with a conversational tone which makes the pages fly.

You can find my review here. The three books make up a story of a life well-lived and delightfully shared. Don't miss them!

Launch day for new inspirational study guide

 As society ages, demands and expectations shift. Now, a retired gerontology professor shares her insights into the changes people face. Dr. Sharon V. King frames those changes against the beautiful Shepherd Psalm to provide an eternal perspective on an earthly situation. Aging Gracefully with the 23rd Psalm, published by Anaiah Press, delivers powerful ideas in a gentle setting.

Dr. Sharon V. King

Author Bio:
Sharon is a class of ’69 Baby Boomer, a native of Pennsylvania, and now resident of Georgia.  The daughter of church musicians, she first worked as a music teacher and then turned her interests to writing about and working with older adults.A recently retired gerontology professor, Sharon now writes inspirational books and articles for 50+ women.

Dr. King shares powerful insights as she recounts her own journey as a Baby Boomer. Her book releases today and I am honored to be a part of the celebration.

Read my review here.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Meet Tadeo Turtle, an engaging children's book character from Janis Cox

Retired elementary school teacher Janis Cox employs her experience to create a delightful children’s book with Tadeo Turtle. Written in rhyme, the book follows the adventures of a turtle who wishes he was more like other animals. The message emphasizes how each of us has been created perfectly for the role God holds for us.

Read more about it here.