Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Frank Ladner offers free video short on YouTube

Indie filmmaker Frank Ladner

Poplarville, Mississippi offers many interesting characters and surprising amenities. One of the most delightful has proven to be indie filmmaker Frank Ladner. His first full length movie, a Southern mockumentary entitled "Hickory Never Bleeds," won several awards at area film festivals following its premiere in 2012. It's available on DVD.

"Max Peril," his second mockumentary, released in 2015 and is still making the rounds of film festivals, garnering multiple awards. It should be available for purchase in early 2016.

Both films have video trailers on YouTube for your pleasure. Don't miss the blooper reels, as well. 

While you're waiting for Max to collect his trophies, you can enjoy a free short video on YouTube. Unlike the movies, "Almost Mine - Post-Apocalyptic Romantic Comedy Short Film" offers a scripted story with two charming stars as survivors of an apocalypse, struggling to scrape out a living.

You can check out my article on the video here.

Let me know what you think of "Almost Mine."

Book Review: "High Society Down" by C. R. Moore

When a well-to-do couple retires to a small town in Mississippi, they connect with others who have the same concerns: society is crumbling and those who are wise must prepare for the fall of everything. Using this premise as a starting point, author C.R. Moore has written ‘High Society Down,’ a debut novel filled with parties and preparations. Consider the theme as “Surviving with a Flair.”

Read the review in its entirety here.

Sharing an insightful post by Elizabeth Hunter

This image and others related to the writing world are available on products in the BOTR Press store at Cafe Press.

 From time to time, I come across an article or blog post of interest to those in the writing world. When I can, I share the information. Today I opened my email to a regular message from "The Passive Voice," a newsletter I love. As always, there were a number of intriguing subjects covered. (If you don't already get this free newsletter, you can sign up at

The newsletter highlighted a post about the business of writing by Elizabeth Hunter.  "Ten Things I Learned about Publishing in 2015" provides a great overview of many of the issues we face on the business side of writing. Take a few minutes to read her thoughts and let me know if you agree or disagree with her perspectives. I look forward to your feedback.

And here's wishing you a great 2016, gang.