Thursday, October 23, 2014

Modern day wild west fun in Dying for a Dude from Cindy Sample

National bestselling northern California author Cindy Sample returns with her soccer mom protagonist in Dying for a Dude, the fourth Laurel McKay Mystery. This outing finds Laurel tackling a decades old murder which may have involved one of her ancestors. As she struggles to clear her family name, a more contemporary murder investigation pits her boyfriend, Detective Tom Hunter against her ex-husband. What’s a working mom to do?

The story offers mystery, romance, danger and humor in perfect proportions. Laurel’s family provides many of the laughs, as her perfectionist mother and independent grandmother lock horns over a proposed move. Laughs come from realistic human foibles which only serve to endear the characters. Readers will enjoy the interplay between Laurel and her friends, including continuing characters Liz and Stan.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Guest post from Anaiah Press author Angela Schroeder

Please welcome Angela Schroeder, author of Love Overcomes from Anaiah Press. She's on a blog tour, discussing her new book. Today, Angela looks at how her life as a single mother relates to her character, Arabella.

My life as a single mother is what helped to create Arabella’s story. There are many similarities between myself and Arabella, with our parenting style. I do rely on my family. When I first became a single mother I did move in with my older sister. It was nice to have someone there who supported me and helped me as much as possible. My kids love my parents, my youngest has to call my mom before he goes to bed. That was something that started when he was just a baby. He was colicky and I would call her so she could sing to him. He just kept it up once he was able to actually talk. 

I have never been uprooted. I have always live in my hometown, except for a brief stint in a little town across the river. Even then I could drive thirty minutes to see my family and friends. I moved back to my hometown before I had my children. Though during my last pregnancy I was devastated. The father left, it was my older two children and me. My family was great, my mom stepped in and was there with me when I had him. But it was after that when I decided that dating as a single mom has to be my last priority. I want to find the right guy, I mean who does not? But, I do not want a guy brought into my home life. I can’t stand the thought of my children getting attached to someone who may not stick around for one reason or another. It is something that I am still trying to figure out. And I will figure it out, I think that was one of Arabella’s biggest concerns too. What if her son got hurt? She could deal with herself getting hurt but did not want to see him crushed.
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Southern author/vampire historian Lyn Seal Gibson shares dark side of romance

When author Lyn Seal Gibson enters a room, she draws attention without saying a word. Her striking cotton white hair and pale eyes assure those watching that she is someone of note. Once she is revealed as the author of the vampire horror novels To Be His Soulmate and Adrian’s Fury, her domination of the room is complete.

Gibson has been writing since childhood, when her dark poetry caused the adults around her to wonder about her spooky, eerie fantasies. Since then, she’s grown into a woman of many interests, including a talent for writing supernatural romances. She began writing her first book in her early twenties, but “life just got in the way,” she says. Her serious journey into writing began in 2012.

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