Sunday, July 26, 2009

'No Legal Grounds' by James Scott Bell

Attorneys are sworn to uphold the law. What happens to one when the law he has trusted, defended and supported his entire adult life cannot protect him and his family?

This question takes on ominous importance for Sam Trask, protagonist of "No Legal Grounds," a legal thriller by James Scott Bell. Bell is a former trial lawyer himself and brings a ring of truth to the book.

Sam appeared to have everything going for him: loving wife, great kids, and successful law practice. The appearances begin to crumble when a former classmate from Sam's college days suddenly insinuates himself into Sam's life. What appears to be a reunion with an old acquaintance is really the start of a campaign of terror which threatens to destroy Sam, his family and his practice.

In a series of events every bit as exciting as any Stephen King novel, Trask fights to hold on to his family, his practice, his integrity, his faith and his very life. This is no light legal fiction. It is hard-hitting and emotionally draining.

Using language like a sculptor's knife, Bell delineates a soul in crisis. He shows us how the system works and, unfortunately, sometimes fails to work on behalf of victims. We walk this thorny path with Sam Trask, as he watches the chasm growing between him and all he holds dear.

Bell is a Christy Award winning novelist. He can tell a legal story without resorting to vulgarity or gratuitous sex. But don't pick up this book expecting a squeaky clean, goody-two-shoes story. Bell has drawn realistic characters in horrible situations and does not shy away from telling the story in its entirety.

"No Legal Grounds" is published by Zondervan and is available at most bookstores. For more about James Scott Bell, visit his website at

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