Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Sworn to Protect" by DiAnn Mills

Warning: do not read DiAnn Mills’ newest release, “Sworn to Protect” unless you are willing to look at all sides of the issue of illegal immigration.

Border Patrol agent Danika Morales dedicates her life to protecting U.S. borders from illegal entry. For Morales, the job is more about stopping predators and drug dealers than individuals simply trying to better their lives, although she arrests those as well. When the job takes a decidedly personal turn, Morales must make hard choices about her perspective.

She lost her husband to an unsolved murder and must raise their daughter alone. Her job performance is under scrutiny with the revelation of an informant in the ranks. Now she’s discovered that she is someone’s target. Who is after her, and why?

The second book in Mills’ Call of Duty series, “Sworn to Protect” displays deep research. Mills rode with the line with Border Patrol agents, learning firsthand the magnitude and complexity of the issue. She has used that experience to weave a story of heartache, commitment and danger while showing the wide variety of forms illegal immigration can take.

Mills has put a human face on illegal immigration in “Sworn to Protect,” as she did with the tragic situation in the Sudan in “When the Lion Roars” and “When the Nile Runs Red.”  The characters are compelling as they try to balance the requirements of the law with compassion. Mills brings us into their hearts and minds, allowing the reader to experience the problem from each side of the conflict.

While “Sworn to Protect” is the successor to “Breach of Trust,” it is not a sequel. Readers will not suffer by reading them out of order. Both address the question of how a Christian might handle the demands of a secular job which seems at odds with faith. Mills tackles the question without relying on pat answers. 

“Sworn to Protect” combines the best aspects of thriller, romance and inspiration to offer an exciting and satisfying read. Join the adventure Mills promises in her slogan-read “Sworn to Protect.”

“Sworn to Protect” by DiAnn Mills
Published by Tyndale Fiction, 2010

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