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The Grace of God - 'Who Has Bewitched You' by James R. Pennington

"James R. Pennington has more than fifty years experience as a pastor and Bible teacher. He brings what he has learned through those years to his new book, 'Who Has Bewitched You?' In this book, he takes an in-depth look at Paul's letter to the Galatians and how it applies today."

When a pastor and Bible teacher with more than fifty years experience and learning chooses to share his wisdom, you can be sure there will be a great deal of enlightenment offered. This is the case with the thought-provoking book “Who Has Bewitched You?” by Dr. James R. Pennington.

Looking at Paul’s letter to the Galatians, Pennington takes us through the historical setting and modern applications of the book. Pennington has gone back to the original languages of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, to explain the context of Galatians and to support his conclusions. He also brings in quotes from renowned theologians and beloved hymns.

Pennington identifies the main theme of Galatians as the battle between salvation by works and the law and salvation by faith and God’s grace. He states “The law always demands, ‘Do this.’ The promise offers, ‘Accept this.’” (page 51) and shows us clearly what those differences mean to modern believers. 

There are many parallels between Paul’s world and our own present day situations. Pennington clearly explains those parallels and how we can learn from Paul’s missive. He looks at deliverance, God’s love and the fruit of the Spirit, in depth.

Often, teaching books feel like lectures. Pennington has avoided this trap. His book reads like a conversation across a table with a learned friend. The easy way in which he explains his perspective comes through less as sermon and more as sharing. I enjoyed his style and found myself drawn into deeper study rather than pushed into it.

With short chapters, this book offers an excellent potential for Bible study groups. Groups with short meeting times can use one chapter at a time; groups with longer sessions can work through two or more per meeting.

If you want a clear explanation of and supporting scripture for the importance of salvation by faith, you’ll find it in “Who Has Bewitched You?”

“Who Has Bewitched You?” by James R. Pennington
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