Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Mine is the Night" by Liz Curtis Higgs

"Scotland, spring, 1746 has proven to be a dangerous time for those with Jacobite leanings. Elizabeth Kerr knows only too well how deadly the world can be. Her husband, Lord Donald Kerr and his brother Andrew have perished in battle, fighting for the Jacobite cause. Lady Marjory Kerr, her widowed mother-in-law, has been stripped of title, land and income. Now Elizabeth and Marjory flee Edinburgh, seeking sanctuary with a distant cousin in Selkirk.

So opens “Mine is the Night,” Liz Curtis Higgs’ follow-up to “Here Burns My Candle.” The gripping story spins the story of the two women as they struggle to survive under the constant threat of exposure as traitors to the Crown. Such an event would lead to dire punishment, possibly even death. With no income and no trade, how can two gentlewomen make a way under such conditions?

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