Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Paisley Kirkpatrick's debut novel brings 'Night Angel' into the light of day

"In the northern California town of Paradise Pines in the 1850s, life has a rhythm. The stagecoach arrives; guests check into or out of the Chaumers House hotel. The townspeople shop at the mercantile during the week and go to church on Sunday. Some of the men go to the saloon in the evenings. And Night Angel rules the darkness.

Make no mistake about it; Night Angel is a good guy. He just prefers to remain anonymous as he performs his acts of kindness. But now he has a problem-a very pretty problem. Miss Amalie Renard has arrived in town and she has turned his carefully structured world upside down. She may be a little shady, but the Night Angel (a.k.a. Declan Grainger) sees the possibilities behind her brittle facade.

One look at the smoldering cover of “Night Angel” will convince any reader that the man can be dangerous. One chapter of the book will convince readers that Paisley Kirkpatrick, author of “Night Angel,” has made an auspicious debut. Her story delivers romance, adventure and a promise of more great stories to come. It also delivers a sexy hero with scruples and he lives up to the standards he sets."

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