Monday, March 25, 2013

'Spin the Plate' delivers romance with a punch

Jo is a big girl. At 5’11” she towers over many other people. She dresses in bib overalls and carries a Beretta tucked in them. Casual observers may write her off as an overweight girl or a possible lesbian in her mannish garb. 

But Jo is so much more than any casual glance can identify. By day, she inks tattoos on the patrons of the upscale Ink Angels; by night, she roams the streets rescuing the victims of bullying and abandonment.
In an attempt to keep from thinking about her past, Jo stays busy as much as possible. If she fails, the memories come crashing in, memories of childhood sexual abuse and betrayal by those who should have protected her as a child. Her tightly contained pain pushes her to protect others who experience similar situations.

Into Jo’s carefully structured world comes Francis, an unusual young man. He smiles and delivers messages like “Jesus loves you, you know.” He turns up repeatedly, never threatening her but a little scary in his tenacity.

Author Donna Anastasi
 “Spin the Plate” by Donna Anastasi takes readers into a world of despicable villains and unlikely heroes. The book deals in redemption and hope, pain and healing. There are distinctly Christian themes in the book, although some of the language contained within would belie the fact. At its heart, the book is a love story drawn against an urban backdrop. The love story simply features a most unlikely pair of people.

Forget the delicate, beautiful flower of a heroine and lusty, muscular hero. Here you’ll find a woman who has trained as a Sumo wrestler and a slightly built intellectual. This odd pair carries on a touching courtship that moves secrets and disclosures to a whole new level.

This book packs an emotional punch even as it draws you deeply into the lives of the two people who have spent their lives rescuing others and now must decide whether they can trust each other for their own rescues. Open “Spin the Plate,” and you’ll find romantic stereotypes shattered by the characters and their stories.

“Spin the Plate” will appeal to anyone who enjoys a story with a twist, and doesn’t mind some salty language. There is some violence and sexual content, but nothing gratuitous. The cast, though unusual, will win your heart with the depth of their convictions. The reader will find action, romance and inspiration packed into each chapter.

The award-winning self-published volume is available in both print and electronic formats.

Published by Anastasi Books
ISBN: 9780615748724

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