Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bonnie Doran's 'Dark Biology' merges science fiction and faith with satisfying results

Meet Bonnie Doran, author of "Dark Biology."

 Bonnie's heart has always been in science fiction. Prior to her debut novel, Dark Biology, she published 67 devotionals. Dark Biology, is a faith-based science fiction thriller contracted with Harbourlight of Pelican Book Group. She is represented by Steve Hutson of WordWise Media. When not writing, she enjoys reading (mostly science fiction), cooking, Sudoku puzzles, and hanging out with other writers, sci-fi fans, and Mad Scientists. Bonnie has a reputation of telling groan-producing puns and volunteers at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. She has been married 29 years to an electrical engineer and Mad Scientist who owns a 2,300-pound electromagnet and plays with lasers for a living.

 You can check out my review of her novel here.


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