Monday, June 23, 2014

Janet Babin introduces the Senior Quilting Society, aka SQS Investigations

Picture your grandmother as a crimefighting super hero. Then picture her with her own team of fellow heroes. Now prepare to laugh yourself silly as Janet Babin brings this picture to life with six senior citizens working undercover as insurance investigators in “Shadows in the Night.”
Babin has created a group of readily identifiable women who don’t want to be stuck on a shelf. Narrator Jen worked as a legal secretary; her best friend Barbara knows all of Jen’s secrets, since they grew up together; Mattie retired as a gym teacher and uses a walker because of a bilateral knee replacement; Margie earned sharpshooter awards during her service as an Army sergeant; Cookie, an overweight retired computer analyst, handles the electronic side of their investigations. The sixth member of the team is Belle, a woman who looks a decade younger than her sixty years.

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