Monday, September 19, 2016

Picayune Writers Group 8th Annual Free Writers Symposium lineup: Melinda Taliancich Falgoust

     Author and speaker Melinda Taliancich Falgoust bears a strong resemblance to a steam roller, although a delightful one. She speaks, teaches, encourages, acts, operates puppets and generally performs at high speed as she careens through life. One of the stops on her path will be the 8th Annual Picayune Writers Group Free Symposium on Saturday, September 24. 

Melinda Taliancich Falgoust speaks in pirate regalia

     Falgoust, author of award-winning children’s literature, brings energy and information into her presentations. She has appeared across the country at library events, book store events, writing events and educator events. Wherever she goes, she brings interactive learning to the group. 

     She has spoken at past PWG Symposium’s and been a crowd favorite with her techniques of drawing the entire audience into her presentation. Both children and adults respond to her fast-paced demonstrations and experiments. 

     Some of her presentations include puppets, while others include props such as treasure chests and pirate costumes. She utilizes her acting background as well as her writing skills to enliven her subjects and share her wisdom. When Falgoust arrives, the fun begins.

     Check out her book titles:
·                * Her Royal Majesty, The Superhero Bride of Frankenstein
·               *  The Gubbins Club: The Legend of Charlie’s Gold
·               *  Lousy Liver
·               *   The Eye of the Storm: A.R.I.E.S. Files #1
·               *   Footprints

     She’s also appeared in many periodicals. Her award-winning work makes her a favorite at conferences such as the Fay B. Kaigler Children’s Book Festival, held at USM, Hattiesburg.

     In addition to her writing and speaking, Falgoust has added the hat of publisher with the introduction of Wagging Tales Press. Visit Falgoust’s website for more on this amazing lady.

     Meet Melinda Taliancich Falgoust at the 8th Annual Picayune Writers Group Free Writers Symposium. This year’s theme - Priming the Pump Getting the Words to Flow - promises an inspiring and fun-filled day. Doors open at 8:30 a.m. with a complimentary continental breakfast. The presentations begin at 9 a.m. The group provides a substantial lunch for attendees and a Parade of Prizes.

     Attendees can sign up for a slot to read an excerpt from their own work (on a space available basis). The conference ends at 4 p.m. Throughout the day, guests will have the opportunity to chat with the speakers and local authors, as well as purchase their books. 

     The Symposium takes place in Holland Hall at Margaret Reed Crosby Memorial Library, 900 Goodyear Blvd., Picayune, MS. Writers and prospective writers in all genres are welcome. Please feel free to share this post with anyone you feel may be interested.


  1. We really enjoyed her last year. I'm looking forward to another great symposium: learning and fellowshipping.

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