Saturday, September 5, 2009

Book Review - "Breach of Trust" by DiAnn Mills

When DiAnn Mills takes on the CIA as a subject, her promise to “Expect an Adventure” takes on a completely new dimension.

In “Breach of Trust,” Mills recounts the story of Mikaela Olsson, survivor of a failed CIA mission. She has left the CIA, her old identity and the world she knew. Now a small town librarian known as Paige Rogers, she is trying to build a new life and protect those she left behind.

When the man responsible for the betrayal of that last mission inserts himself back into her life, Paige faces danger and decisions. Can she stay out of his clutches long enough to reveal the truth about the mission and free all concerned from the past?

Mills is a skilled storyteller. Her attention to detail and descriptive artistry make her stories rich and elegant. In “Breach of Trust,” she pulls us into a world of fear and deceit and allows us to follow Paige as she struggles for redemption.

This is a gritty story, and Mills does not shy from the ugly things humans can do to each other. Her story is not vulgar or bawdy, but is ruggedly honest. Paige acknowledges her mistakes and faces the consequences with dignity and concern for others.

Some may find it unlikely that a novel by an acknowledged Christian writer could subjects like out-of-wedlock birth and political intrigue. Once you’ve read “Breach of Trust,” you will understand how beautifully it can be done.

Mills indicates that "Breach of Trust" is the first novel in a new series - "Call of Duty." Keep your eyes open for the next episode.

“Breach of Trust”
by DiAnn Mills
Published by Tyndale House
ISBN: 978-1-4143-2047-2

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