Saturday, September 5, 2009

Book review - "Dogwood" by Chris Fabry

From the author of “77 Habits of Ineffective Christians,” “Spiritually Correct Bedtime Stories” and co-author (with Jerry Jenkins) of juvenile adventure fiction comes an intensely adult novel set in the hills of West Virginia. Christian radio host Chris Fabry steps up to a new level with his writing in “Dogwood.”

Fabry is a son of West Virginia and his roots show clearly, as he describes a small town beset by tragedy. Dogwood lost two of its youngsters in an automobile accident years ago. The event has shaped the town and its people.

The man who served prison time for the accident has returned to town, seeking his lost love. Although Karin has married someone else and has a family, Will Hatfield has never stopped loving her.

With smooth narration and clean shifts in perspective, Fabry introduces a wounded town and its anguished inhabitants. Young Danny Boyd, who lost his sisters in the accident, helps to lead the characters through the maze of memories and emotions. Elderly Ruthie Bowles helps to ask the questions necessary to solve the puzzles of the past.

For those familiar with Fabry’s lighthearted books on Christian living, “Dogwood” will be a bit of a shock at first. Don’t be afraid to dive in. Although the tone is different, the skills Fabry brought to his previous works shine through in “Dogwood.” He has a gift for description and an insight into the human psyche that serves him well as a storyteller.

“Dogwood” is touching and uplifting. For those interested in a study subject, Fabry has included reader group and study questions. Check out “Dogwood” if you want a good read with an underlying spiritual message.

By Chris Fabry
Published by Tyndale Fiction
ISBN-13: 978-1-4143-1955-1

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