Friday, January 25, 2013

Clea Simon Proves Intriguing with 'Parrots Prove Deadly'

Clea Simon relates to animals; that's clear when one reads "Parrots Prove Deadly." As a result, her protagonist Pru Marlowe relates to them as well. Actually, Marlowe does more than relate to them. She hears them psychically and can, on occasion, carry on quite detailed if somewhat erratic silent conversations with them.

Marlowe's skill can lead to complicated situations, such as when an old woman's African gray parrot starts squawking some deadly sounding statements after the woman dies. The poor bird needs a new home, but he isn;t likely to get one with his current vocabulary. Marlowe, an animal behaviorist, gets the call to rehabilitate the bird and finds herself in the middle of a possible conspiracy.

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