Sunday, December 2, 2012

'Christmas at Barncastle Inn' delivers Christmas fun and romance

The four novellas that make up "Christmas at Barncastle Inn" take the reader through four depictions of love. The book covers several years because Barncastle Inn's new marketing niche allows patrons to rent the entire bed-and-breakfast  for the holidays and enjoy Christmas with their family and guests in the era of their choice.

Part of the fun in the stories comes from how each era is recreated and the various snags that are encountered. The love stories at the core of each novella share a locale but little else as each author brings a different perspective to the individual story. Each couple is different and the road they must travel to romance takes a variety of forms.

These tales are good, clean fun with a Christmas heart and very readable. If you enjoy history, romance, Christmas or any combination of the three, you should put "Christmas at Barncastle Inn" on your list for Santa!

Disclaimer: This review is based on a purchased copy of the book.

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