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Eyewitness: A Cat & Mac Mystery by Laura Anne Ewald - a review

     When Detective Cahal “Mac” MacAlastair becomes part of a murder investigation in Seattle’s Pioneer Square area, he stumbles into a world of art and attitude. As he investigates the third death in the series, he finds a badly battered black cat on the scene. Could the killer be the same person who injured the cat? On the chance the cat may constitute evidence, he takes it home. That’s when the surprises begin.

Cover art courtesy Laura Anne Ewald

     Author Laura Anne Ewald has put together a tight romantic mystery in her novella, Eyewitness. Available as an ebook, the well written story takes readers behind the scenes of the art world. 

     In Mac MacAlastair, readers will find a strong hero, dedicated to justice for all. He’s stuck with a partner who’s just marking time to retirement and a by-the-book captain who demands answers. Can he stay true to his own convictions as he makes a case against a killer?

     Catherine “Cat” O’Sullivan manages Dreamscape Gallery, one of the art galleries in the neighborhood. She’s pretty, resourceful and different from some of the other gallery managers Mac has met in his investigation. 

     The most recent victim was found behind Dreamscape Gallery. Does the comely Ms. O’Sullivan have a role in the murders? Or does she hold the key to their solution? Can Mac solve the murders without losing his heart?

     The novella will appeal to mystery lovers as well as animal lovers. Readers who prefer romances will find a sophisticated romance here, reminiscent of the clever conversation and dramatic situations in movies from Hollywood’s Golden Era. One needn’t be an art expert to appreciate the story line, although art will appreciate the respectful approach taken to art.

     As a murder mystery, the story contains some violence; the action is neither gratuitous nor gross. Although the protagonists experience periods of sensual interaction, they don’t act upon their feelings so readers aren’t bombarded with sexual content. Some mild cursing occurs within the book, but Ewald’s writing conveys emotion without resorting to coarse vulgarity. The book can carry a general audience rating, suitable for readers from teen years on up. 

     Best news of all for readers is that Ewald intends to write a series of Cat & Mac Mysteries, meaning we can look forward to more adventures with the two. Readers can purchase Eyewitness at the bargain introductory price of $.99 for a short time, so don’t delay. 

Eyewitness: A Cat & Mac Mystery [1] by Laura Anne Ewald

Disclosure: This review is based upon a purchased copy of the book. All opinions are my own.

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