Sunday, October 9, 2016

Indie Author Day at Public Libraries brings writers and readers together

      On October 8, a number of libraries hosted a premiere event to connect independent authors, librarians and the reading public together in an exchange of ideas and connections to benefit all. 

     Although some locations on the southeast coast had to be rescheduled due to Hurricane Matthew, hundreds of libraries across the United States and Canada opened their doors to local indie authors.
Materials distributed during the event included information on the library, the sponsoring groups and area activities.

     Sponsored by such related entities as Self-E (a partnership of and Biblioboard), the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), BookLife and Pressbooks Public, the national event concluded with a live streaming panel discussion (view the playback here) about the industry and its relationship to libraries and bookstores. 

     Panel members represented many sides of the writing world and included:
Jon Fine – former director of author and publishing relations for Amazon, moderator
Robin Cutler – representative from Ingram Sparks
Jim Blanton – Representative from LibraryJournal
L. Penelope – Award-winning self-published author and publisher
Allie McKinney from BiblioLabs

     Fine indicated the live panel audience was in more than 300 libraries. The panel discussed business aspects for authors to consider, questions on the craft of writing and resources for writers as well as marketing and building an audience. The discussion grew out of questions submitted in advance by librarians, authors and others in the writing community.

     Check with your local library for information on plans to participate in the next Indie Author Day.

     For more on the Self-E business model and what it offers to indie publishers, check out this post

     I had the opportunity to participate at the Hancock County Library System Bay St. Louis, MS branch. During the day, I met indie authors I hadn’t met before and had the chance to exchange ideas with many interesting people. As writers, we grow when we stretch our limits. Events such as this one give us a great way to do so. 

     The event was free for authors and for visitors. That’s affordable marketing!

© 2016 Mary Beth Magee


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