Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Todd Borg's 'Tahoe Dark' serves up murder and mystery in Lake Tahoe area

     Private investigator Owen McKenna is up to his eyebrows in trouble in Todd Borg's latest novel, Tahoe Dark. The police have discovered a dead body and the evidence points to McKenna as the killer. Only one catch – he didn’t kill the man and in fact, hardly knew him. As he works to clear his own name, he finds others implicated in the crime, but are they being set up, too?

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     Borg writes thrilling mysteries with elegantly woven plots. In exchange for the reader's attention, he delivers tight action in a beautiful setting. Borg's robust cast of characters includes McKenna's girlfriend, entomologist Casey Street; his Great Dane, Spot and a number of local law enforcement officers in jurisdictions all around Lake Tahoe, both California and Nevada.

     Evil seems even more vile against the majestic backdrop of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Borg does an excellent job of using the geography in his stories, making each one a mini-vacation to the area. Just keep your head down while you’re there.

     As I’ve read more and more of his books over the years (Tahoe Dark marks detective McKenna’s fourteenth book), my admiration for Borg’s storytelling increases. His characters grow with each volume. Relationships wax and wane, with realistic issues impacting the day-to-day, in addition to the adventure inherent in the case. His situations provide interesting and unusual crimes and motives.

     If you love a great mystery with unexpected turns, you’ll adore Tahoe Dark. Relationship and buddy story fans will find a lot to embrace here as well. As for dog stories, well, you don’t stand much chance of encountering more delightful dogs in fiction than Spot. 

     I’ve likened Borg’s work to James D. MacDonald and Robert B. Parker as contemporary brethren. Owen McKenna can hold his own with Travis McGee and Spenser. Others go back even further, with comparisons to …”Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe and Lew Archer” (Kirkus Reviews). In my opinion, Borg’s series will become just as much of a classic as all of those. 

     Yes, I am an unabashed fan of Borg’s work. Any mystery lover will risk instant addiction with the first one opened. I’m not alone in my admiration. Borg has been named the Toastmaster for the 2018 Left Coast Crime Conference.

Tahoe Dark by Todd Borg
Available in print and electronic formats
Published by Thriller Press

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