Saturday, October 11, 2014

Author Tina Whittle's next outing is a hit with Deeper Than the Grave

Tai Randolph returns November 4 in Tina Whittle’s latest release, Deeper Than the Grave. When a tornado damages a historic site, including a tomb, Randolph joins the search team seeking to recover missing artifacts. When the search turns up a body which isn’t part of the missing historic objects, evidence points to Randolph’s late Uncle Dexter. Randolph must find the real killer to clear her uncle’s name and reputation as well as save her own life.

The struggling firearms and historical reproductions shop her uncle left her may become valueless unless she can prove him innocent of murder and theft charges. Nothing about this case rings true with the Uncle Dexter she remembers. Randolph’s boyfriend, security expert Trey Seaver, assists her in her endeavors and tries to protect her in the process.

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