Thursday, October 23, 2014

Modern day wild west fun in Dying for a Dude from Cindy Sample

National bestselling northern California author Cindy Sample returns with her soccer mom protagonist in Dying for a Dude, the fourth Laurel McKay Mystery. This outing finds Laurel tackling a decades old murder which may have involved one of her ancestors. As she struggles to clear her family name, a more contemporary murder investigation pits her boyfriend, Detective Tom Hunter against her ex-husband. What’s a working mom to do?

The story offers mystery, romance, danger and humor in perfect proportions. Laurel’s family provides many of the laughs, as her perfectionist mother and independent grandmother lock horns over a proposed move. Laughs come from realistic human foibles which only serve to endear the characters. Readers will enjoy the interplay between Laurel and her friends, including continuing characters Liz and Stan.

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